Musicbiz Keys is a music publishing company founded in 2012. Our current clients are:

Stefan Olofsson - Swedish producer and piano player whose music ranges from pop to jazz, classical and progressive rock.

State Cows - smooth guitar lines, half-time shuffles, funky bass lines, slick harmonies, real Fender Rhodes, tight horn sections and some California sunshine ... it's all in there.

Dynamo Bliss hammond pop, progressive rock, analog synth, art rock, choir chorus, classic rock, cp80, instrumental polyrhythm, space synth, guitar solo, vocal harmonies ... in brief, crossover prog at its best.


We are also a management and promotion company with an impressive mix of various music styles represented by our current roster of top artists within each genre. Please take a few moments to check around, listen to sound bites, and feel free to contact us for more information.

Enjoy your stay!

Kerstin Olofsson
CEO of Musicbiz Keys
Music Publishing
Music Management & Promotion